The Biryani Story

Biryani was introduced by the Mughal Emperors, as a complete food for their garrison on the move under hard conditions and the method of preparation was rather peculiar. The rice, meat & spices wrapped in leaves were put in a shallow pit dug for cooking and the pit was then covered with earth with a campfire lit over it. Thus the Biryani was cooked in its own juices under an indirect heat.

Taking cue from the Mughals, Daleep Singh created DeeZ Dumpukht Biryani in 1987, which is cooked in a similar manner retaining all the original flavors. Made with long grain rice, succulent pieces of chicken or mutton or vegetables, dry fruits & herbs, delicately flavored with saffron & rose water. The Yakhni which is prepared overnight is placed with the rice in layers & cooked in modern hi-tech equipment resulting in automated uniform cooking throughout. The Biryani thus prepared at DeeZ is given Dum in mitti-ki-handi, which is sealed with atta, and then worked on slow fire in a clay oven which helps to retain the delicate essential for a good Biryani. The handi is equipped with an innovative cutting wire system for easy and fancy opening of the Handi Lid. The Handi is easy to carry and keeps the biryani hot & fresh for three hours. The entire Sealed Handi Biryani system is Unique and Patented to DeeZ.

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